"Talent wins GAMES but Teamwork wins CHAMPIONSHIP..."
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Dr. Sushil Kumar Gupta



  • Ganga International School, HiranKudna, New Delhi-41. A Senior Secondary Co-Educational  Residential School of international repute, spread in 15 acres of land
  • Ganga International School, Sawda,  New Delhi-81, A Senior Secondary Co- Educational School spread in 8 acres of land.
  • Ganga International School, Sec-21, Rohini, New Delhi. A fully air conditioned primary school.
  • Ganga International School, Kablana, Jhajjar, Haryana. A Senior Secondary Co- Educational School providing education to rural masses.
  • Ganga International School, Sector 9A, Bahadurgarh, Haryana. A Middle Co- Educational School .
  • Ganga International School Bahadurgarh, NunaMajra, Jhajjar, Haryana. A Middle Co- Educational School  providing education to rural masses.
  • Ganga International School, KhanoriMandi, Punjab. A Co-Educational Sr. Secondary School.
  • Sun Shine Sr. Sec. School, Bhuna, Fatehabad, Haryana. A Senior Secondary Co-Educational School providing education to the rural masses.
  • Ganga Institute of Education, Jhajjar, Haryana. An Education College successfully running B.Ed. & M.Ed. courses.
  • Ganga Institute of Technology & Management, Jhajjar, Haryana. An engineering college successfully running B. Tech, M.Tech., Diploma & Management courses.
  • Ganga Institute of Architecture & Town Planning, Kablana, Bahadurgarh-Jhajjar Road, Distt. Jhajjar, Haryana. An Architecture College successfully running B.Arch. &M.Arch. courses. 
  • School of Engineering & Technology, Bahadurgarh-Badli Road, Bahadurgarh, Haryana. An Technical College successfully running B.Tech. & Management Courses.
  • School of Diploma Engineering, Bahadurgarh-Badli Road, Bahadurgarh, Haryana. An Technical College successfully running Diploma Courses.
  • Govind Ram Gurukul Sr. Sec. School, Rohtak Road, Ram Bagh, Delhi. A govt. aided school.
  • Leela Bai Primary School, Ram Bagh, New Delhi.
  • Founder Chairman of Pawan Ganga Educational Society, New Delhi
  • Founder Chairman of K.S.B Educational & Health Care Society, Delhi
  • Founder Chairman of Moon Light Educational Society, New Delhi
  • President of Gujranwala Gurukula Trust Society, New Delhi
  • Founder Chairman of Surya KotiBhaskar Society, New Delhi
  • Former Chairman of B.R.Memorial Educational Society, Fatehabad, Haryana
  • Former Chairman of S. D. Public School, BU Block, Pitampura, New Delhi. A Sr. Sec. School of repute in North West Delhi
  • Vice Chairman of S. D. Public School, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi. A Sr. Sec. School of repute in West Delhi
  • Managing Trustee of SanatanDharam Educational Trust, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi
  • Ex-Convener of VidyalayaKalyanSamiti, Government Co-Ed. Sr. Sec. School, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi
  •  Member of Managing Committee of Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi 
  • Member of Managing Committee of Guru Nanak Public School, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi
  • Member of Vaish Education Society, Rohtak, Haryana
  • Member Vaish Education Society, Jhajjar, Haryana



  • Chairman of Shri KrishanJanmashtmiMahotsavSamiti, Punjabi Bagh, New Delh which organises the JanmashtmiMahotsav every year since 1987 which is attended by lakhs of devotees very year.
  • Chairman of BrahmPuri Ann Kshetra Ashram Trust, Kurukshetra which runs a Dharamshala, GauShala & Temple of 18 storeys out of which 16 storeys have already been constructed. This temple is first of its kind in North India.
  • President of AkhilBhartiya Agarwal Sangathan, having more than 25000 members in Delhi
  • President of Punjabi Bagh Club, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi-26 having more than 7000 members.
  • Trustee of Maharaja AgarsenManavSewaSansthan, Sawda, New Delhi which runs a School for Blind Students providing education and boarding approx. 40-50 Blind Students.
  • Patron of ApnaGharVridh Ashram, Najafgarh Road, Dwarka, giving free accommodation and food to over 100 old age people.
  • Chairman of Janmashtami Ashram at Vrindavan, UP with 100 rooms
  • Patron of Sukhdham Charitable Society running a 55 rooms Dharamshala at Haridwar and a 70 rooms Dharamshala at KhatuShyamji.
  • Patron of Shri SalasarParamDham Charitable Society running a 40 rooms Dharamshala at SalasarDham.
  • Patron of DharmikSewaSamitiMehndipurBalaji running a 70 rooms Dharamshala.
  • Patron of Ram Leela Committee Punjabi Bagh.
  • Member of Advisory Board Agarwal Sabha, PaschimVihar New Delhi running a Dharamshala at PaschimVihar New Delhi and a 55 rooms DharamshalaHaridwar.
  • Trustee of AgrohaVikas Trust, Agroha, Haryana
  • Trustee of Agarwal Bagichi Trust, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi having a Dharamshala in East Punjabi Bagh.
  • Trustee of Banke Bihari Nishkaam Charitable Trust,New Delhi
  • Trustee of Shri Ram Trust MehndipurBalaji running a 100 rooms Dharamshala.
  • Trustee of GauSewa Trust Sawda.
  • Trustee of BalajiDham Trust running a 70 rooms Dharamshala at Haridwar.


  • Maharaja Agrasain Hospital, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, a Multi Super Specialty 400 bed Hospital at Punjabi Bagh, West Delhi, New Delhi-26
  • Maharaja Agrasain Hospital, Dwarka, Delhi, a Super Specialty 100 bed Hospital at Dwarka,Delhi.
  • Maharaja Agrasain Nursing College
  • Upcoming
    1. Maharaja Agrasain Medical University
    2. Maharaja Agrasain Medical College
    3. Maharaja Agrasain Para Medical College 
    4. Maharaja Agrasain Hospital & Management Administration College at Bahadurgarh, Haryana
  • Patron Trustee, Maharaja Agrasain, International Hospital, Rohini, New Delhi
  • Trustee-Maharaja Agrasain Institute of Medical Research & Education, Agroha, Haryana


  • Ex-Member of ZRUCC, East Central Railway, Hazipur, Patna, Bihar
  • Ex-Chief  Warden, Outer District, Delhi Civil Defence, Delhi.
  • Ex-Chief  Warden, West District, Delhi Civil Defence, Delhi
  • Ex-Arbitrator, Delhi State Co-operative Societies.


He has planted over 25,000 trees all over Delhi to improve upon the pollution and environment out of which 10,000 trees were planted in Punjabi Bagh


The Najafgarh drain flowing right through Delhi, is about 40 kms long. For the people living in settlements on its banks, this drain was not short of a curse till 5 years ago. The flow of slush was blocked almost completely while fresh sewage was constantly poured into it with the result that for lakhs of people living in and around the area, had to face and suffer from different varieties of ailments generated by the terrible stench, mosquitoes and dangerous chemical and other toxins in the atmosphere. Dr. Sushil Gupta, in order to free the lakhs of people of this scourge, decided to launch a campaign against it and a public interest litigation (PIL) writ was filled in the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi by The Punjabi Bagh Cooperative Housing Society. A committee under the chairmanship of SardarTarlochan Singh was constituted which supervised the progress of this case in the Hon’ble High Court which during the hearing of this PIL writ No. WP(C)8487/2003, has issued 36 orders to the Union Urban Development Ministry, Delhi Jal Board , Municipal Cooperation of Delhi and Irrigation and Flood Control Department which are dated as follows:-

Court Orders for Najafgarh Drain

3 March 2003

18 March 2005

6 October 2006

30 May 2007

27 March 2008

12 July 2004

17 May 2005

31 October 2006

20 July 2007

15 July 2008

30 July 2004

12 September 2005

28 November 2006

14 September 2007

30 July 2008

24 September 2004

21 September 2005

19 Januuary 2007

29 October 2007

12 November 2008

29 September 2004

8 December 2005

6 February 2007

27 November 2007

18 December 2008

25 October 2004

5 May 2006

12 February 2007

7 December 2007

27 April 2009

17 December 2004

7 August 2006

28 March 2007

9 January 2008

2 July 2009

25 January 2005

29 August 2006

8 May 2007

26 February 2008

23 September 2009

29 July 2011

The directions repeatedly issued by the court to Government organisations and officers is a certain indication of the seriousness with which Dr. Sushil Gupta supervised has the conduct of the case in the court. As a result of the repeated directions of the court, the concerned organs of the Central Government and State Government formed a coordination committee and spent approximately 6000 crore rupees on the cleanliness of the Najafgarh drain and installation of underground interceptor sewer. Earlier 94 sewers openly flowed into the drain. Their number now has been reduced to only 4. The drain is cleaned by the latest machines by removing the sludge from inside the drain so as to maintain the flow of sewage. The result is that the stench coming from inside the drain has lessened to a large extent and the number of mosquitoes breeding in the drain has also come down. In order to look after the working of the monitoring committee, SardarTarlochan Singh always remains present in its meetings so that there is no laxity in the work. The Government has given an assurance to the court that the construction of underground interceptor sewer inside the Najafgarh drain will be completed by the year 2014. After this, only the rain water will flow into the drain and the people around will get total freedom from the stench and the filth. Efforts are being made by the Dr. Sushil Gupta to fulfil his dream of covering the entire drain. The Government is also considering covering the drain and constructing a road on it. Thus Dr. Sushil Gupta has achieved success by in making untiring efforts for the last ten years to give relief to lakhs of people of Delhi from a the hellish life