"Be the CHANGE that you want to see in the WORLD"


Vision is the ability to see what the end looks like before we start. It provides the ability to perceive things in the way we want to. It helps in motivating ourselves to reach our destination. All great men have vision before they made themselves great. I too had set aside few goals a few years back, and I find myself not too far from them.

I wanted to venture into territories which where uncharted and which would serve our countrymen. This vision to provide world class education to the masses in the rural belt away from the hub of the city in a pollution free environment lead me to establish world class institutions where students from various states of the country and foreign nations come for quality education. I remember my teachers saying, “The journey of thousand miles starts with a single step.”

I believe that every citizen of tomorrow should be a life-long learner, making optimal use of technology in all aspects of life. Our commitment is to discover and rediscover the potential of technology, transforming exceptional ideas into practice, and making these available to and achievable by learners of all ages.

In conjunction with the mission of the Society, our vision is to take the standard of technical education of Indiaas well as Haryana to a new height. The future of India lies in its young people and especially in this era of specialization there should be no compromises when it comes to providing technical education. They must be trained in such a manner, so that they are confident to face the challenges of the new world and emerge as winners in their competitive field.