Dr.Sushil Kumar Gupta

B.Com, LL.B, MBA, D. Lit.

About Dr.Sushil Kumar Gupta

A stalwart of societal progress in North India, Dr. Sushil Kumar Gupta is a venerated figure in the realms of education and healthcare. With decades of multifaceted engagement, he stands as a distinguished educationist and social worker, whose contributions have significantly shaped the contours of academia and wellness in Delhi and Haryana. A businessman known for his integrity and a philanthropist at heart, his altruistic endeavors have been the cornerstone of various charitable pursuits.

In the illustrious tapestry of North India's political landscape, Dr. Sushil Kumar Gupta emerges as a figure of profound impact. Formerly associated with the Indian National Congress, he has shaped his legacy through substantial contributions to education and healthcare. His business acumen and charitable endeavors have left indelible marks across Delhi and Haryana, solidifying his reputation as a paragon of service and leadership. His political narrative, rooted in past leadership positions within the Congress framework, exemplifies a dedication to community upliftment and a fervent passion for academic and societal advancement.


Trees Planted


Skilled Works


Projects Completed




Ganga International School, Hiran Kudna, New Delhi-41. A Senior Secondary Co-Educational Residential School of international repute, spread in 15 acres of land.
Ganga International School, Sawda, New Delhi-81, A Senior Secondary Co- Educational School spread over 8 acres of land.
Ganga International School, Sec-21, Rohini, New Delhi. A fully air conditioned primary school.
Ganga International School, Kablana, Jhajjar, Haryana. A Senior Secondary Co- Educational School providing education to rural masses.
Ganga International School, Sector 9A, Bahadurgarh, Haryana. A Middle Co- Educational School.
Ganga International School Bahadurgarh, Nuna Majra, Jhajjar, Haryana. A Middle Co- Educational School providing education to rural masses.


Chairman of Shri Krishna Janmashtami Mahotsav Samiti, Punjabi Bagh, New Delh which organises the Janmashtmi Mahotsav every year since 1987 which is attended by lakhs of devotees very year.
Chairman of Brahampuri Ann Kshetra Ashram Trust, Kurukshetra which runs a Dharamshala, Gau Shala & Temple of 18 storeys out of which 16 storeys have already been constructed. This temple is first of its kind in North India.
President of Akhil Bhartiya Agarwal Sangathan, having more than 25000 members in Delhi.
President of Punjabi Bagh Club, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi-26 having more than 7000 members.
Trustee of Maharaja Agarsen Manav Sewa Sansthan, Sawda, New Delhi which runs a School for Blind Students providing education and boarding approx. 40-50 Blind Students.
Patron of Apna Ghar Vridh Ashram, Najafgarh Road, Dwarka, giving free accommodation and food to over 100 old age people.


Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, a Multi Super Specialty 400 bed Hospital at Punjabi Bagh, West Delhi, New Delhi-26.
Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Dwarka, Delhi, a Super Specialty 100 bed Hospital at Dwarka, Delhi.
Maharaja Agrasen Nursing College.
Patron Trustee, Maharaja Agrasen , International Hospital, Rohini, New Delhi.
Trustee-Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Medical Research & Education, Agroha, Haryana.


Ex-Member of ZRUCC, East Central Railway, Hazipur, Patna, Bihar.
Ex-Chief Warden, Outer District, Delhi Civil Defence, Delhi.
Ex-Chief Warden, West District, Delhi Civil Defence, Delhi.
Ex-Arbitrator, Delhi State Co-operative Societies.

Environment and Religious

He has planted over 25,000 trees all over Delhi to improve upon the pollution and environment out of which 10,000 trees were planted in Punjabi Bagh.
Patron of ApnaGharVridh Ashram, Najafgarh Road, Dwarka, giving free accommodation and food to over 100 old age people.
Patron of Sukhdham Charitable Society running a 55 rooms Dharamshala at Haridwar and a 70 rooms Dharamshala at KhatuShyamji.
Patron of Shri SalasarParamDham Charitable Society running a 40 rooms Dharamshala at SalasarDham.
Patron of DharmikSewaSamitiMehndipurBalaji running a 70 rooms Dharamshala.
Patron of Ram Leela Committee Punjabi Bagh.

Envisioning Our Future

Our Vision

As a visionary leader from North India, Dr. Sushil Kumar Gupta is dedicated to catalyzing positive change through his work in Delhi and Haryana. His vision is to create a more empowered, educated, and environmentally conscious society. He is committed to leveraging his political platform to advocate for advancements in education, agriculture, healthcare, and environmental protection. Through collaborative efforts and a deep commitment to community service, Dr. Gupta aims to inspire and facilitate sustainable development, fostering a future where every individual can thrive.

He envisions healthcare systems that are not only accessible and affordable but also preventative and holistic, addressing the well-being of the entire individual. In his envisioned future, communities thrive in harmony with their natural surroundings, where sustainable practices are not just encouraged but embedded in every aspect of life. Through collaborative governance, community engagement, and innovative policy-making, Dr. Gupta aims to create a model of development that is sustainable, inclusive, and replicable, setting a benchmark

We are dedicated to fostering India's growth and ensuring the success of every individual.

Our Work


Visionary Leader

Pioneered eco-conscious initiatives, planting 25,000 trees in West Delhi.


Educational Patron

Oversees 15 educational institutions, enhancing rural education across three states.


Community Servant

Spearheaded the cleaning of Najafgarh drain, championing simplicity and sustainability.


Innovative Reformer

Drove modern educational reforms as the convener of Vidyalaya Kalyan Samiti.

The directions repeatedly issued by the court to Government organisations and officers is a certain indication of the seriousness with which Dr. Sushil Gupta supervised has the conduct of the case in the court. As a result of the repeated directions of the court, the concerned organs of the Central Government and State Government formed a coordination committee and spent approximately 6000 crore rupees on the cleanliness of the Najafgarh drain and installation of underground interceptor sewer. Earlier 94 sewers openly flowed into the drain. Their number now has been reduced to only 4. The drain is cleaned by the latest machines by removing the sludge from inside the drain so as to maintain the flow of sewage.

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The result is that the stench coming from inside the drain has lessened to a large extent and the number of mosquitoes breeding in the drain has also come down. In order to look after the working of the monitoring committee, SardarTarlochan Singh always remains present in its meetings so that there is no laxity in the work. The Government has given an assurance to the court that the construction of underground interceptor sewer inside the Najafgarh drain will be completed by the year 2014. After this, only the rain water will flow into the drain and the people around will get total freedom from the stench and the filth. Efforts are being made by the Dr. Sushil Gupta to fulfil his dream of covering the entire drain. The Government is also considering covering the drain and constructing a road on it. Thus Dr. Sushil Gupta has achieved success by in making untiring efforts for the last ten years to give relief to lakhs of people of Delhi from a the hellish life


Dr.Gupta has contributed to the environment in a big way! He tried to ameliorate the problems of the commom man by working to get the Najafgarh drain cleaned which is one of the most polluted drain of Asia in any residential colony.

He has planted over 25,000 trees all over Delhi to improve upon the pollution and environment out of which 10,000 trees were planted in Punjabi Bagh.

Dr. Sushil Kumar Gupta was formerly associated with the Indian National Congress and contested Delhi legislative elections from Moti Nagar Assembly Constituency in 2013. He was also the executive committee member of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee; chairman of Delhi State Traders Congress and General Secretary of Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress Committee. He was also the President of the Law Students Union of Delhi University.